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As both owner and therapist, I, Janene Carey, served my practical hours during my 2nd year (1991) of my 3 year studies , at the same company, previously known as “Activage” & subsequently “Leigh Paxton Body & Skin Care Clinic CC”, which was owned by Leigh Paxton herself.

Directly after writing my last exam, I started my full-time position at Leigh Paxton B & S.C.C. in November 1992.


After a few years at a Durban North premises in the Kensington Square (previously Buxton’s Centre),  the company relocated to an office park in Umgeni Park, and subsequently to a residential house in the heart of Durban North (Chelsea Drive).  Four years later, in 1999, I bought the company and renamed it  “SKIN SCIENCE CC”, and operated from an office complex in st Andrews Drive (also in the heart of Durban North), for 12 years.


In 2011, “SKIN SCIENCE CC” relocated to the most perfect setting in Anthony Road (also Durban North), and has operated from here ever since.

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